What are the best Dating Sites for over 40?

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The best dating sites for over 40

Dating over 40 is a unique experience and, if you’re relatively new to it, can feel almost like the difference between night and day when you compare it to dating in your 20’s. If you are wondering where singles over 40 meet, then the most popular option is without a doubt online dating.

This is why we’ve compiled some of the best dating sites for over 40 to help get you started on the right foot:

  • Academic Singles – If you are looking for someone over 40 who has a professional background and some sort of higher education degree, then Academic singles is a perfect place to meet others who are interested in dating. Why not date someone who has spent some time building up their career and is looking to enjoy a romantic life with you?
  • Eharmony – eharmony is one of the oldest and most recognized dating services in the online dating market, making it a prime location for you to begin your dating experience with other over 40 singles. Filter your preferences and matches by location, age, hobbies, interests and more to meet someone who really fits who you are.
  • Elite Singles – If you are looking for professionals over 40 then Elite Singles focuses on connecting people who have already established themselves professionally and now want to settle down.

With these online dating sites, your chances are pretty good that you will be matched with someone who is a perfect fit for you quickly. However, once you’ve met your match, how do you proceed? Is it difficult to date after 40?

In this article, we’ll cover how you can first recognize a good dating site for over 40 singles, and what some of the ups and downs are to dating after 40 so you are prepared. Finally, we’ll give you some tips to help make the ‘rules’ of dating after 40 easier to follow. Read on to learn more!

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How to recognize good dating sites for over 40 singles

One of the key things that you should be looking for in a dating site if you are over 40 is whether or not it gives you flexibility in its filtering for people based on key factors such as age, profession, and family status. Most also over location-based filtering, although this isn’t as vital.

You can also enjoy other features on the site such as chatting, using forums, and more. A good dating site, such as something like Academic Singles, offers multiple ways for you to interact with the community. The closer it is to a social media platform, the more ways you can have to match.

Finally, for someone who is over 40 it is important to make sure that the sites are recognized for their quality standards, safety, and service. Check reviews to ensure that other users feel as if their experience was worthwhile before you invest any time into using a dating service.

A few ups and downs when dating after 40

When you are older and are looking to get into dating, it can be hard to accept that it just isn’t what it was like when you were younger. However, there are also some perks to dating at this age that you didn’t have earlier. Here are a few pros and cons:


  • You are more established in your career
  • You have disposable income to spend on dating
  • You are more certain of what you want in a relationship


  • You may have to change your approach to dating to fit the interests of people over 40
  • Your dates may have strings attached, like ex-partners, children, or more
  • Work and family may make finding the time to date difficult

Despite these cons though, many people do enjoy dating in their 40’s, regardless of any family they may have or any other obligations that might sometimes take priority. As long as both partners approach it patiently and are interested in the other, these cons shouldn’t be an issue at all.

Some tips for making your over 40 dating experience a success

For anyone that is feeling uncertain of how to proceed with their date once they have matched, here are a few key things to remember:

  • Don’t start off too strong with your first date
  • Clubbing may not be the best place for dating, consider coffee or a restaurant
  • Don’t try to push your partner to put you ahead of other obligations like family
  • Don’t let your partner push you to put them first either
  • You still have a career and a life, so don’t forsake that for your new relationship

As long as you keep these in mind and take your time to make sure that you are happy with your potential new relationship, you will be bound to have a healthy and happy relationship. Enjoy the best dating sites for over 40 singles and meet your match in good hands!