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Our world is getting louder and prouder. The LGBTQ+ community has tremendously grown over the past few years.  The majority of today’s youth doesn’t identify as simply heterosexual anymore and the traditional concepts of gender and sexual identity find themselves to be constantly challenged.

Dating and relationships, however, are still as complex and exciting as they always were. For LGBT and queer people in particular, there can be special obstacles and challenges. Our lists of dating apps, reviews and articles will serve you as a source of support to make your dating experience a success.

Here you will find all the resources for advice and information on all topics related to LGBTQ+ relationships and hook-ups. No matter if you’re still looking for a partner or if you want to know how to maintain a healthy relationship, this is the place where you find all the answers to your questions.

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LGBTQ+ dating apps reviews

Here’s what we deem important when it comes to LGBTQ+ dating and relationships:

  • Safety: While we always support to be out and proud, reality can be much more complicated. Some of us want to remain closeted for various reasons and all of them are valid. LGBTQ+ dating should be a place where you feel safe and free to be yourself.
  • Respect: Even after decades of fighting for acceptance, discrimination and harassment against LGBTQ+ members are still a thing. Online services for queer people should be places of respect and tolerance. There’s no place for homo- or transphobia when it comes to love and intimacy.
  • Community: If you’re from a small town and your family and friends have a totally different lifestyle from yours, you might be looking for ways to get into contact with other members of the LGBTQ+ community. We show you how to find a group of people to celebrate the next Pride with.
  • Diversity: Shocking to some but the queer spectre encompasses more than gay, lesbian and bisexuals. We celebrate everyone – no matter your skin colour, whether you identify as butch or non-binary, whether you’re asexual, demisexual or undecided😉, we’ve got you covered.
  • Trans Visibility: Often minimized to solely be the object of fetishist fantasies in the past, the online interest in trans dating has clearly grown throughout recent years (see fig.)
    That’s why we want you to know – We see you, we hear you and we’re here to help you find the one true love.

graph about interest over time for "trans dating"
Interest over time for “trans dating”

Of course, there is no rulebook for LGBTQ+ dating. Every relationship is just as unique and fabulous as each one of us. But all love is equal, and you deserve to find the best match.