How to Know If an Indian Girl Likes You?

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British Indians are by far the most common ethnic minority in New Zealand. Not only do they have rich cultural communities in Auckland, Wellington, and other major cities, but these people make up over 4.7% of the total population! No wonder that Indian Dating is a thing in New Zealand.

If you’re asking yourself, how to date an Indian girl, you’re sure to have luck on dating apps with our helpful guides. However, being able to tell whether or not someone likes you after swiping right is a different matter entirely. Read on for some tips on how to tell if a girl is interested in taking things further with you!

Her Body Language Is Playful

There are many different body language signals that you can watch out for to determine whether or not someone likes you.

First, when any girl is interested in a prospective partner, she’ll engage in something called mirroring. This is basically when someone involuntarily mirrors the physical movements of someone that she’s into, such as crossing her legs a few moments after you do it. If a woman is mirroring you as you speak to her, it’s a surefire sign that she’s at least subconsciously into you.

Girls who have a crush on you will also almost always point her feet in your direction. She also will angle their chest toward you, uncross her arms, and create a more open space between your body and her own.

They can also use a lot of different head and hand movements to express interest. If an Indian woman is nodding at you a lot or if she taps her fingers near your hands or arms, these are surefire signs that you should take the leap.

She Always Wants to Chat

We’ve all been there: a girl’s gorgeous profile photo pops up on your screen. Your heart stutters not only because she’s beautiful, but also because you’ve been talking to her a lot and feel a connection.

If someone tries to strike up a conversation with you multiple times a day, even if it’s just small talk, it’s a sign that she’s interested in getting to know you better. After all, what better way to learn whether or not you get on with someone than to engage with them regularly?

She’s Interested in What You Have to Say

Not only does an interested Indian woman try to talk to you often, but she’ll try to get to know you on a deeper level. While this obviously isn’t going to be an immediate thing- you need to earn some level of trust first- a lady who’s into you will value what you have to say.

This can be shown in multiple ways. Active listening and gesturing are important, but so are responding in an appropriate way. If she remembers something that you said and brings it up again later in conversation, then you truly are a lucky one. 

More on Dating an Indian Woman

While there are many ways to begin dating an Indian girls, it’s essential to first determine whether or not she likes you. To do this, you’re going to need to read her body language and look into the ways that she expresses herself when talking to you.

Now that you know some ways to know whether or not an Indian woman is interested in you, it’s time to meet someone special. Finding your Indian soulmate has never been easier!