How do you know a Russian woman likes you?

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Russian dating can feel like a complex dance that balances disinterest and an overwhelming sense of attraction. For many foreigners, the way that a Russian woman shows that she likes you can seem off at first. However, it’s really quite simple! Here are some basics:

The subtle and obvious signs that a Russian woman likes you

  • Flirting on a regular basis – if the woman you are chatting with is flirting with you on a regular basis, this is an obvious sign that she is interested in you. She could be making little complementary compliments about your looks and hobbies, laughing at all the little things you say, or simply always be happy to see you. This should be one of the first things you notice to tell if she likes you or not!
  • Speaks with you frequently – just the act of getting in touch and messaging you is a subtle sign that she likes you already. Most Russian women base their matching right away with men on dating sites, so if she’s already messaging you then you can be sure there’s something about you she already likes.
  • Physical movements and body language – these actions can be a little more subtle to pick up on if you aren’t familiar with body language and the little signs that suggest interest. If she leans toward you or the screen when you talk with her over video, for example, then you can tell she is interested in you. You can also watch her eyes, lips, and hands to see little subtle tells that suggest she is attracted to you: if she plays with her fingers or bites her lip you can be sure there’s something about you that’s on her mind.
  • Asks a lot of questions about you – this is a not-so-subtle sign that can be tied into her flirting with you, but we separate it because she may not actually be flirting when she asks you questions about yourself. This can indicate a deeper level of interest and intent, and if she likes what she hears about you, it could be the push to move a relationship forward.
  • Interested in your family – Russian women who show interest in your family are subtly telling you that they like you well enough to get to want to know more about them and possibly even get to know them. This is a clear sign that they like you!
A very charming Russian girl with beautiful eyes

Different ways of expressing affection for Russian women

There are different ways of expressing affection and that these signs can vary from person to person. Russian women won’t always express their feelings in the same way, so it can make telling whether they like you or not difficult. Some may like over attention and others prefer a slower approach.

Depending on how she expresses her liking you, she may have other expectations for what you should do to show you like her. Here are some basics that should give you the best odds at showing a Russian woman you like her:

  • Gifts like flowers – flowers are a staple of showing someone that you like them, and Russian women are no different. Generally, they appreciate the classic, gentlemanly approach to affection. Being chivalrous and buying her gifts is important.
  • Saying affectionate things – it can be a little cutesy, but Russian women appreciate it when their men show affection by saying sweet things to them.
  • Kissing and hugging – a standard when possible, if you can, kissing and hugging are great ways to show that you like her and are undeniable. If you are online, then try sending a virtual equivalent.

What to do when you find out a Russian woman likes you

Take the time to get to know the woman who likes you! Dating is a two way street and even if you know that she likes you, you have to show her that you like her back. This is why it is important to express your own affection.

Don’t rush into a relationship with someone the moment they confess their liking you. You should take the time to get to know them and ensure that the relationship is sincere. Many people attempt to take advantage of others with online dating, so it is important for you to verify her feelings of you.

Once you have done that, you can really enjoy a Russian relationship with a woman who is sure to make you happy.