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  • No fake profiles
  • Vast database
  • For 25-40 year old singles
  • Numerous free features
  • Free registration
  • Over 2 million users
Adult Friend Finder
  • Legitimate and secure
  • No sexual border
  • Border-line adult content
  • For females and males in their prime of life (40+)
  • Aim is a long-term relationship
  • Scientific personality test to help find the right partner
  • Free sign-up!
  • Biggest asian dating community 
  • Easy-to-use interface, optimised for all devices.
  • 100% match guarantee.
  • Privacy protected in a discreet environment.
  • Pamper girls with likes and other flirty signs
  • Swap text and photo messages
  • Chat with girls in chat rooms and private chats
  • Best for: Meeting your someone in your local area
  • Free membership: Free registration, limited
  • Users: 250.000
  • Large database of verified & attractive Asian and European singles
  • Efficient communication tools for real relationships
  • Top-level safety and professional support
  • A dating site that allows you to meet beautiful Asian, European and Latino singles
  • Real-time communication with efficient tools
  • Professional dating services

Looking for different dating sites?

Whether you come from a Western background or you’ve got Eastern roots to be proud of, dating outside of the mainstream dating conventions in New Zealand can seem like a relief.

Maybe you just don’t find the one who’s right for you amongst your social circle. You want to be with a person who stands by the honorable values of Asian culture. Then look no further, we proudly present to you the best dating apps to meet Asian singles.

Sometimes niche ‘oriental’ sites cater to singles looking for everything from friendship and hook-ups to relationships and love. You’ll find plenty of safe platforms, multicultural or exclusively for people of Asian descent, where you can make connections with girls and guys.

NZ-Asian dating apps aim to bring couples together into one community and connect them with different people from around the world. Many sites have millions of active members in their database.

They’re particularly aimed at those living outside Asia and who still want to meet people to bond with near them, but find it difficult to do so. 

The Most Popular Asian Dating Websites & Apps


As simple as its name, as simple it is to click with a lady or a guy on this site. It’s especially targeting interracial relationships and flirts.

You may be approached by some users with a special fetish for Asians, but you’ll also chat to plenty of others of your own ethnicity.

What’s especially great about their platform is that AsianDating has over 2.5 million registered users from all over the world.

The people behind the site have put together great measures to keep your safety in place. It’s easy to tell whether a profile’s legitimate since you’re encouraged to answer pretty detailed questions about yourself.

East Meet East

EastMeetEast (EmE) is perfect for all English-speaking Asia-New Zealanders. The registration process is easy. You just have to choose your gender and the gender of the person you want to be paired with which also makes the website gay-friendly.

Furthermore, you state your name, birthday, occupation and ethnicity. To match you with singles within your reach, you have to enter your zip code. Last but not least, for verification purposes, you can use your Email and create a password. Ready to go!

Good news for all the ladies: You can enjoy all of the site’s services for free. All the gents can enable unlimited messages by subscribing to the premium membership.


MetroPersonal matches men with women from the Far East. It’s catering to guys who are looking for the girlfriend or bride of their dreams. Most of the members are living in New Zealand, so it’s particularly easy to meet in your local area.

On their blog “The Whispering Corner” Eva Chen has published over 500 relationship advice articles which help you to better understand the non-Western standards of courtship and dating.

MetroPersonal also has offices in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast. If you live near any of those four big cities, you can enjoy their exclusive matchmaking services in person.


It could be that you’re rather looking for a more general dating app while you still want to meet people who are familiar with Asian dating culture.

In that case, you should check out eHarmony.

As one of the most renowned and most successful apps for serious relationships, their scientific, compatibility-focused algorithm will match you with the one person who compliments your lifestyle and fulfills all your desires.

Fill out the questionnaire when signing up and eHarmony will do the rest for you. You’ll get introduced to plenty of singles near you daily, even more so, if you decide to upgrade your free membership to a premium membership.

Paid features include access to full member profiles and photos as well as starting personal conversations.

Elite Singles

While Elite Singles is catering to those with a higher education, this service is not on our list to feed into the stereotype that ‘All Asians are good and maths and university aces.’

Actually, EliteSingles is also well-known for attracting very diverse users & supporting multiculturalism.

Based on the Five Factor Model, you’ll be assessed & matched with someone you’re truly compatible with. This premium service is slightly more expensive than many other dating apps, but their method was proven to be effective.
For those whose career is a significant factor besides romantic affiliations and for those who are searching for long-lasting relationships that involve deep conversations and mentally stimulation quality time together, EliteSingles is the right address.

Asian girl excited for asian dating sites

How to choose a dating service for Asian singles

What makes a perfect site for your needs?

Which dating app’s your perfect fit depends on what you want to get out of joining.

What features do you consider to be most important? Is the number of users in the site’s database a priority, or does a dating website that uses an innovative algorithm to suggest matches get a higher ranking on your list?

Is it easy to use and what does it cost?

Most dating apps make it simple to register and let set up a detailed profile page (if you want to).

You’ll find a majority of New Zealand’s sites and apps are free to join, but there is often a premium service you can subscribe to if you want to enable certain extra features.

What features are included in the free membership and which you have to pay for should be openly disclosed on the site before you register.

After signing up, you’ll be asked to upload a profile photo to increase your profile visibility. In some cases, you can skip this and choose to add your pictures later.

Search tools

Search tools are an important function of any online dating service.

They help you to narrow down members by age, location, personality and interests. With that, you have the opportunity to meet and interact with people who share more than just your ethnicity.

Is there a mobile option?

Most sites also have an dating app for New Zealand that’s free to download and offers all the same features as the desktop version. Swiping through potential partners on your phone or tablet makes finding a date even more convenient, since you can use it wherever you are.

Is your safety ensured?

It’s important to sign up to a website you trust. Whatever other aspects of a dating site matter most to you, you’ll need to make sure it always delivers a safe and secure dating experience. 

Many are members of the Online Dating Association. If they are, you can be sure they take considerable steps to make sure you’re safeguarded against fake profiles and rip-offs.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Apps for Asia-singles


  • Yor choice: dating amongst your ethnic group or interracial relationships
  • Find what you want: marriage, a relationship or a flirt
  • Awareness of culture-specific dating conventions
  • Blogs with helpful dating tips are often featured on the sites


  • Fetishists can register on these sites, too
  • The costs can be pretty high
  • Your family could be disapproving of someone you’ve met online

Useful tips if you date someone with Asian roots

Every relationship is unique and there are no set-in-stone rules when it comes to dating. Yet, if you’re looking to find a relationship with someone who’s Asian online, there are a couple of things you’ll need to consider.

Avoid generalizations & stereotypes

The term ‘Asian’ is actually very broad and includes people from different ethnic minorities and cultural backgrounds.

Also, you’ve probably heard about certain character traits that are often ascribed to all Asian people. Don’t be bold and feed into these kinds of stereotypes. Even if they seem positive and harmless to you, generalizing ethnic groups in any way supports racism.

Be open about beliefs

There is a range of religions practised in Far East, including Islam, Sikh, Buddhist and Hindu.
If your crush is from a different religious background than you, it’s best to be open, accepting and to ask lots of questions. Being respectful about beliefs and intentions from the offset is a must when you start to get serious about the person you’re dating.

Family is important

Family is likely to become an extremely important part of your life if you’re dating a Far Eastern person. Loyalty to their parents, honour to the family are closely connected to courtship.

That’s why early on in a relationship, it’s good to talk about long-term plans and expectations.

Be mindful about their culture & be ready to learn

If this is the first time you’re dating someone from a different culture than your own, you’ll need to take the time to learn about your date’s background if you want to make the best first impression.

Considering their nationality and ethnic identity, your Asian crush will have different views on love and dating if they come from Vietnam, Malaysia, or Indonesia.

For example, in China blind dating and dating schools for men are very popular.

In Japanese culture on the other hand are really fond of group dates and single-meetups.

Traditional Filipinos and Filipinas enjoy conventional courtship. According to a tradition called “ligaw”, it’s one person’s job to infatuate the other.

The Singaporean dating culture is much more vibrant with parties and festivities where you can meet lots of new singles on different occasions.

While Western culture upholds extraversion and individualism, Asian cultures appreciate other characteristics, like humble agreeableness, manners, empathy, respect and collectivism. You should keep that in mind when starting to date someone who sticks to traditional Asian values.

Why online dating works for Asian Singles in NZ

It can be difficult to meet other Asian ladies and gentlemen in New Zealand, especially if you live outside of big cities. As you’re working with a much smaller local dating pool, it’s no wonder that you might be finding dating challenging.

Many men with Asian roots in particular find it harder to meet someone on mainstream dating sites, and can often receive fewer matches and messages from women.

This is because they’re often considered effeminate. The Asian prospect of masculinity can differ a lot from the Western ideal which meddles with their self-esteem.
However, as Asian culture becomes more and more popular in the Western world, for example with the South Korean entertainment industry becoming global, Asian men’s attractiveness among NZ’s women is increasing accordingly. 

Asian ladies on the other hand often have to endure being objectified and fetishized for their physical features. As they’re associated with being ‘cute’ and ‘small’, they can feel their self-esteem shrinking.

Some of them even feel the need to remove their ethnicity from their dating profile to encourage more matches. That’s a very sad thing to admit, and in a perfect world it should never be an issue. But unfortunately ethnicity and religion can still be a barrier to some Asians looking for love online.

This is where Asia dating sites come into their own. They offer a great way to connect with other people with a similar Far Eastern background, and ensure there’s absolutely no need for you to hide your background or ethnicity when searching for a date.

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