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  • Show off your fursona
  • Cuddles ain't never felt this cute before
  • Immediate response
  • Cut to the chase Cupid
  • Majestic furry girls and guys
  • All anthropomorphs welcome
  • Foxes, cats, and dogs looking for love
  • Trust your animal instinct
  • Live out your secret fantasy
  • Share in a supportive online community
  • Instant matching with fellow furries
  • Sign-up is free for furry members
  • Detailed profiles and member info
  • Do it... Meeooowww!
  • Inclusive, honest, caring
  • When the cat's away, the furries will play
  • Find a fellow fur-lover
  • Fabulous foxy fursonas
  • Kinky, kind, caring
  • Welcome to the furry universe
Adult Friend Finder
  • Open minded individuals
  • Exercise all your freedoms
  • Fabulous and furry
  • 94 million members looking to get kinky
  • Do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
  • Pamper girls with likes and other flirty signs
  • Swap text and photo messages
  • Chat with girls in chat rooms and private chats
  • Help people to find love
  • Bring emotions
  • Make new friends
  • Best for: Meeting your someone in your local area
  • Free membership: Free registration, limited
  • Users: 250.000
  • For females and males in their prime of life (40+)
  • Aim is a long-term relationship
  • Scientific personality test to help find the right partner
  • Large database of verified & attractive Asian and European singles
  • Efficient communication tools for real relationships
  • Top-level safety and professional support
  • A dating site that allows you to meet beautiful Asian, European and Latino singles
  • Real-time communication with efficient tools
  • Professional dating services

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Play, Pet and Flirt with Furred Friends and their Admirers

Welcome home, dear furries! However you enjoy the fluffy lifestyle, if you like to dress and live it up or just love to behold in the cosy arms of a fursona, we reviewed the best dating platforms to meet and date likeminded singles with the extra touch of furriness.

Come together to play, flirt, cuddle and go on adventurous strolls on our recommended furdom sites. As we know how tricky it is to find other anthropomorphs outside of conventions and events, we guide you through the lovely world of furry online dating.

Dive Into the Colorful Universe of Furry Dating

More people discover their affection for furries and their beautiful characters and furstumes. But it´s not necessary to have a costume of your own favourite character, you don´t even need to stick to one of a kind, feel free to have several characters and spirit animals while enjoying the adventures of the Furry world!

People often don´t get the idea of furrydom and the concept of anthropomorphs.
A lot of us furries have to enjoy the lifestyle virtually behind closed doors, as our surroundings don’t understand our passion or the fun and spirit of the scene.
While a lot of towns and communities have no open spaces for cosplaying, even fewer are tolerant enough to let furries stroll around. That´s why the internet is our biggest playground.

We collected and reviewed the best online dating sites for furries and their fans.

How to Date a Furry

Furries come in all shapes and sizes and from many different backgrounds, there is no showpiece Furry type. The community is as diverse as the animal kingdom itself. All genders are represented in Furdom. We strive for equality and against inappropriate behaviour in every form, therefore we suggest some rules for dating a Furry:

  1. The foundation of dating a Furry is the respect for the person behind the fursuit, their character, their beliefs and points of view. Personal space is important, even if the community seems to be open for cuddles, consensus is essential.
  2. Admiring the animal kingdom doesn´t mean acting up like an animal. Fursonas tend to be shy and introverted outside of their costumes, you should flirt and behave accordingly to your date’s signals.
  3. Don´t judge someone before you have walked in their fur. Most furries have a good understanding of what it means to be judged and sense ridiculing and snarky comments towards their passion.
  4. Fursonas have different character traits and can easily be threatened away or provoked, keep that in mind and take them on an appropriate first date based on their fursona’s preferences.

The Best Furry Dating Sites to Find Furries Near You!

The furries revolution was started in the USA. The States are also home to some of the biggest Furry communities worldwide. Big cities tend to attract furriers, which is why they mostly live in the metropolises like New York and Seattle.

The NZ-based Furry community is after the USA’s one of the largest ones worldwide. Several Conventions take place each month in different states. While tracking them all and travelling around might be tiresome and expensive, getting in contact with local furries in your region is less time and money-consuming.

Online Dating makes a lot of dreams come true, especially for furries in rural areas. The dating platforms’ tracking features help you find fursonas in your neighbourhood and area. While some people may see it as a weird form of dating, it’s what feels most natural and comfortable to us.

Check the different possibilities of meeting fursonas in your region on our suggested platforms and create beautiful new friendships and more…

fursuiter attending furry convention

How to catch a Fursona’s attention and pet them as a Fleshie

Getting a real furry girl’s attention is tricky as you need an impressive flirt game. Majestic furry girls are known for their aloofness while being very comradely in daily adventures. Be advised that the different kinds of men and women in furrydom tend to roll up in their roles.

A tomboyish fox lady needs a different approach than a fluffy, tender domestic cat princess. The same goes for the opposite sex and everything beyond gender conformity.

While the character of a wolf with an academic background surely needs some intellectual stimulation and dives deep into fascinating topics, a hunting rabbit will enjoy some adventurous strolling more than a cosy evening in the library.

The details of a fursonas character traits and attributes reveal their personality. You should think of some interesting traits of your own character and express them properly through your fursona.

In the end, we all want to be loved and admired for what we really are and not for some mask, so mirror your inside beauty to the world and you will find the right companion and maybe the love of your life on your adventures through the lands of furry-nation.

A Beginners Guide to Furry Dating, Know Your Fursona!

Every fursona is as unique as the person behind the snout, we do our best to guide you through the basics of furdom and help you take your first steps inside the community. We provide you with the essential information you need to know about the Furry universe:

What is a fursona?

A fursona is the anthropomorphic character that a Furry creates, it´s a mix of furry and persona. It usually connects the character traits of the person and the chosen animal and adds some other characteristics to it for more exciting experiences.
Some create Fursonas out of different animals and mix their traits to a new kind, some stick to one species like wolf or fox.

The majority choose animals with fur and a tail, usually foxes, cats and dogs. The diversity is endless as every animal can be a fursona and they can also have different animal traits and mixed body features.

Do I need a fursuit to be a Furry?

There are people with fursuits but they are just one part of the Furry-Universe. Lots of furries are anime and cartoon lovers and create their fursonas accordingly for online roleplaying and storytelling.

You don´t need a suit to be part of the community, all you need is love and passion for furred fun and an exciting adventure.

What is the Spirit of Furry Fandom?

The Furry fanbase originated in the 80s on a science fiction convention and moved quickly to an ambitious community. Fanzines and comics, artworks and costumes were published. Social groups were created and met at conventions and gatherings, admiring the anthropomorphic animal characters and zoomorphism.

The community tends to be inclusive, honest and caring. Lifelong friends- and relationships are a usual thing among members. Romances and kinky fun between furries are also common and natural but decently hidden aspects of roleplaying.

Furry HookUps or How to Start with Yiff Dating

It´s all fun and games until nature kicks in and furries start seeking out more than just cuddling and strolling around in all their cute- and fluffiness.

While not everyone is looking for a partner who is also into furrydom, most fluffy friends desire someone who understands their passion and lifestyle. Even if it´s just for a romantic night or some casual sexual role-play fantasies including furry sex, almost nothing beats the incredible sensation of satisfied desires!

Fursonas, find your perfect match and join the untamed online zoo of dating. While you don’t necessarily have to own a fursuit, you should bring the right attitude and passion with you to find your matching furry mate.

Whatever floats your boat or in this case your foxhole, if you like chubby furriez or skinny ones, with a long tail or a cute short one, keep your dating game on point with our reviewed dating platforms for furries all over the States.